How Social Media Plays an Effective Role in Your SEO?


In simple language, Social Media Impact on SEO! Well, In front of us Social Media means Face book, WhatsApp, Twitter, and LinkedIn so and so. 

These social media options and platforms play an effective role in your SEO. Here, you will get a question in your mind, How they? So, we are going to do a detailed discussion on it.

This article is going to be very interesting and informative. So, if you want to know these roles, then stay with us till the end. Here, we will discuss the top 5 roles of social media in your SEO health.

The Top 5 Roles of Social Media in Your SEO Health

1. Helps in Driving Traffic

Traffic is always considered as an essential ranking factor. It always helps to get a good ranking in the Google Search Result. In that case, Social media helps you by providing massive traffic to your content. 

If your content is good and the bounce rate is low, then the probability of getting a good ranking will be increased. In that way, if your content is good and user-friendly, then the probability of being viral is also increased.

A lot of case studies have already proved this truth; a keyword in the earlier time was ranking on 70th position. But, within a day, it goes to 5th position because that content secured 55000 unique visitors in a day from Face book. 

So, now you get to know the impact of social media in driving traffic and getting ranking on Google.

2. Helps in Ranking of Your Profile on Search Engine Result

Well! If you are trying to build a brand, then your profile can help you a lot in ranking on search engine results. If you properly organize your profile with proper optimization and share it on social media, then you will get an easy rank on the search engines.

If your social media profile is pretty impressive, then you will get a massive number of customers. It will help in the growth of your business. 

For example, if you search ”AIMS” then you will get to watch many social media profiles. You will get the information of your nearby AIMS branches.  

3. Social media acts as a Search Engine

People not only find their answer on Search Engines but also use social media platforms to find the answers. So, through social media, you can find your favorite personality and any personal brand. So, it becomes necessary to optimize your social media pages properly. It will help in getting an easy ranking on social platforms as well.

For getting a good ranking and to beat your competitor, you can use the Spyfu tool to analyze your competitor and in which keywords they are ranking for. It will help in the proper optimization of your page.

Well! It also helps to get a good ranking of your Facebook page on search engine results. So, always try to place good keywords relevant to your niche on your Face book pages.

4. Local SEO

Well! It is a fact that Social media helps in improving your Local ranking. It is a well-known thing that your Name, Business Name, and address play an essential role in ranking on the local search engine. 

If you frequently update your business information, then Google will pay you much value, and the ranking of your business profile will increase on the search engine result.

Well! In your bio and all, you can add a Geotag that will help to find your business location through the Google Map. So, to improve your business, it is vital to optimizing your business profile on the Search Engine as well.

5. Make your Content Viral

Social Media has billions of users. If you build meaningful and engaging content, then the probability of being vital will increase. Always, try to build up an attractive Social Media page for your blog and share the content in different Facebook groups.

If you do such stuff, then the probability of gaining wide traffic will increase. I personally did an experiment with a keyword that was ” Top 10 unknown Health Benefits of cucumber water”. In a day, it secured 36k likes and 5k sharing.

After 2 days of publishing that content, we got good rank without any backlinks. This is all about the power of Social Media sharing in your SEO.


Friends, this is all about the top 5 roles of social media in your SEO. Here, we have discussed all the essential information regarding it. If you follow these techniques and tricks, then you will definitely get a good rank on the search engine.

I hope you like this article. If you like, then please share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for the upcoming update. Thanks for reading.

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    1. Hii vurtilopmer, Actually, social media sites give immense traffic to a business by applying some techniques. Social Media doesn’t affect directly website ranking but it helps to increase the website trust value.

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