How to create a sitemap in WordPress Website (XML and HTML)?

Create sitemap in wordpress guide

Do you think that all the content you create at your WordPress site is visible? Apart from being visible, your content is only valued when the user can find his required content. No Issues from now on, Sitemap helps you to overcome these difficulties, a sitemap helps you by providing you with a map that consists of the entire content in your WordPress site.

Lets now discuss two types of sitemap- XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps, and how to create them and their benefits.

WordPress XML Sitemap

A WordPress XML sitemap tells your search engine about your entire content present in your WordPress site. With the use of an XML sitemap, your content becomes visible and can be accessed publically. Yet these are not the things your visitors look for. It is actually a list of URLs to all the content on your site, which also contains some other information.

When you look at the list, you can see that this information is not meant for humans and its sole purpose is to serve the search engines. Apart from having an XML sitemap for our WordPress posts and pages, you can also have it for your images and videos.

Why WordPress XML sitemap

Site’s SEO makes complete use of your XML sitemap. The basic level is that it tells Google and other search engines about your entire content on your site. XML sitemap does not force Google to include all your content in the search engines, all that it makes that Google is aware of your content. This feature helps your content get good indexing in Gooogle.

Apart from this an XML sitemap also helps you to communicate additional information to Google like

  • Changes often you make to a page on your site.
  • The last update you did to a page
  • Alternative language version of a page

WordPress HTML sitemap

It is just the opposite to your XML sitemap, HTML sitemaps help your visitor to find the content in your WordPress site. An XML sitemap is all about code and whereas HTML sitemap is the actual navigation to your content in the site. The HTML sitemap contains links to all the contents in your site.

Why HTML Sitemap

The biggest of all in the HTML sitemap is that it can navigate a particular content on your site. The HTML sitemap helps a little bit in SEO with a bunch of internal links.

Lets now move on to how to create XML and HTML sitemaps

XML Sitemaps in your WordPress site

You can get your XML sitemaps from installing one of the below-mentioned Plugins, that helps you to install and include XML sitemap functionality by default.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Jetpack Plugin
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • The SEO Framework
  • SEO Press
  • Rank Math

Inform search engines about your sitemap

Get to Google search console and then select your website, after that once you click submit Google will get your sitemap files and it would start to indexing all the links in the sitemap submitted.

In your dashboard, you can see an option called sitemaps, click on more and submit your sitemap from there. It all depends on what type of content you add, if your site contains a lot of images then it is recommended to create an image sitemap.

HTML Sitemaps in your WordPress site

You can create your HTML sitemaps in your WordPress site depending upon the size of your WordPress site and creating it manually or by installing a plugin. Consider your site to be in a small size, you can have a regular page and then add your links manually to your content. But when your site grows, adding it manually would be a difficult task, in that case, you can install a plugin (Simple Sitemap) by doing this it would create types of sitemaps.

After you install and activate your plugin, create a WordPress page and add the shortcode that will make your HTML sitemap to appear where you want.

Now get your sitemap in your WordPress site. Happy Creating sitemaps.

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