Best On-Page SEO Techniques with the Ultimate Guide that’ll Boost your Rankings

on-page seo guide

On-Page SEO is one of the best ways to accelerate your ranking on Google. If you have a website and you want to improve your search engine ranking, then it’s essential to learn these on-page SEO techniques.

If your website is not optimized correctly for on-page, then you have to face a significant impact on the search engine ranking. Yes, it’s essential to maintain keywords density, internal and external linking, write quality contents so and so that we’ll discuss in this content.

Well, in this post, we’ll focus on a lot of points, including What One-Page SEO is, Why it is Important for Site Health, and How to Customize your site for On-page SEO with Proper Techniques in 2020. If you use these techniques, then your ranking will definitely be increased with time.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is also known as On-Site SEO, the main aim of this is to optimize the structure of the website, and a particular post.

The main goal of this technique is to make your site search-engine friendly. So, the crawler of Google comes and understands the meaning of the content with the context of your pages.

On-Page SEO Optimization guide for higher rank

Why is On-Page SEO important?

Well, on-page SEO is vital in several perspectives. It’s a weapon that helps in improving the site’s health and brings quality organic traffic to your site.

Help in Understanding the Content

On-page SEO provides several signals to the search engine that helps in understanding the content. At the time of indexing, the crawler searches the main keyword on the content. If your content is appropriately SEO optimized, then it’ll be easy for the crawler to explore the main keyword on your content.

Organic Traffic

On-Page SEO can boost your SEO ranking, which is very necessary to get quality organic traffic. If you want to improve your traffic, then check your On-Page SEO health and optimize the negative points to get quality ranking.

Quick idea about the Content

Sometimes on-page SEO provides you with getting a quick and quality idea about the content. So, it’s essential to optimize the content for search engines and users as well.


10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques to BOOM your SEO Traffic

Here, we’ll provide you with the top 10 best on-page SEO techniques. If you properly implement those techniques, then you’ll surely get the best quality result. 

10 On-page seo factors


It’s all about understanding all these techniques and executing them at the time of publishing a page and content. If you do so, then you’ll surely get a fruitful outcome.

1.  Publish High-Quality Content

It’s a fact that you can’t deny that a website with good content can do great with or without SEO. If your site has not quality content, then with SEO, it may not survive for more time. So, you can simply understand the importance of SEO.


Now Questing comes what is Good Content?

Good content should follow some parameters. Here, we’ll discuss those parameters as well;

  • Write original content with proper design, text, images, videos, presentations, and infographics so and so.
  • Write quality content for your site. So, you can simply hire a quality content writer for that.
  • Your content should have proper text elements.
  • Well, write content that is useful and comes with a problem-solving idea. This kind of content helps in a lot of ways.

2. Title Tag

The title tag is an HTML tag; it’s something that presents on the head section of each page. It shows an initial context and provides the search engine a quality idea regarding the subject matter of the content.


This title tag has a little impact on On-Page SEO; that’s why many of us overlook this problem. That’s why we lost massive SEO traffic.

3. Meta Description

From the early stage of SEO, this Meta description plays a vital role in the SEO ranking. It’s essential to write a Meta description correctly. Actually, this shows the search result on the pages.

It also helps in providing a quality idea to the visitor what the page is about! So, it’s essential to write a catchy Meta description that can attract your potential customers on your site.

Optimizing Meta description helps in several manners these are like as follows;

  • Helps in improving CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Increase the number of visitors.
  • Deliver a decent idea about the content.

4. Headlines

If you want to get quality traffic from search engines through proper on-page SEO, then it’s essential to use the catchy headline for your page and content.

A catchy headline determines the difference between click and impression. If you go through the proper psychology of the people, then you can simply make a quality headline.

The headline of content needs to be catchy and provide a quality idea about the content that you’ve written on that particular page. Some techniques you can follow;

  • Place the main keyword on the headline.
  • Include a digit like 2020, any number with this headline, it plays a psychological game.
  • The headline needs to be catchy.

5. Header Tags

Header Tags are also an essential element that can boost your search engine ranking. It’s a type of the HTML element that contains (H1-H6) subheading. 

No, it does not play any vital role in SEO ranking. But, it can improve your SEO ranking in a specific manner.

Well, if you use these stages, then your user experience will undoubtedly be increased. So, it’s about to utilize these stages and place targeted keywords on those tags.

  • It helps in giving a user-friendly experience to the users.
  • Well, it also helps the search engine to know about the context of the content.

6. SEO-Friendly Writing

It’s the most important thing that you’ve to measure out. Well, at the time of writing content, you’ve to make it properly SEO optimized, including maintaining keywords density, solid SEO optimized informational content.

seo friendly content digital ultron

Don’t over-optimize the content. It needs to be natural. So, people can easily understand the content and the perspective of writing such content.

  • Keyword density plays a significant role in ranking.
  • Always determine the keyword density before writing any content.
  • Your keywords density needs to be within (0.5-1%)

7. Keyword Cannibalization

Newbie makes this kind of mistake. In this case, they often target a specific keyword from various pages of a single website. Is it good or bad? Surely, Bad!


Actually, if you do so, then you’re competing with yourself. So, your SEO ranking may destroy. That’s why, if you’ve done such kind of work, then find out the Keyword Cannibalization and remove then out from the content to boost your SEO ranking.

8 . Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Yes, internal linking is one of the most effective ways of improving your SEO ranking. We’ve dealt with some cases where content got ranking only depending upon the internal linking. Now, you can understand the power of Internal linking.

So, write quality content on related topics to make significant internal linking. Yes, linked those links with the ‘Do-Follow’ tag.

This process will surely help you in improving the SEO ranking. So, always implement this at the time of writing SEO-friendly content.

9. Image Optimization

It’s also an important thing that can boost your SEO ranking. Always compress your images before placing those on the pages. Yes, you can use customized images that can create a good impact on the viewers.

Title determination and Alt tags placing are also essential things that you’ve to do. So, you can simply optimize your Images before publishing your content.

10. External Linking and User Engagement

External linking seo

External linking is as important as internal linking. In this case, you can hyperlink some keywords. In this way, you can simply refer any visitor to any other site to get an adequate idea about the term or topic. It’s an essential thing from an SEO perspective.

Well, User engagement totally depends on your content quality. If you deliver your content with a flow and effective way, then you’ll surely get the best outcome in this process.


No doubt! On-Page SEO plays a vital role in boosting your ranking on Google. But, you’ve to follow these On-page SEO tips and techniques that we’ve discussed here to get quality outcomes. Here, we’ve covered all the things related to On-page SEO.

I hope you like this content. If you like, then don’t forget to hit the sharing button and share it with your friends across social media. Stay tuned for the next update, and thanks for reading.

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